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Welcome to Svenska Folkdansringen

Come to Svenska Folkdansringen and you will find traditional culture from the Swedish countryside. Traditional Swedish dances and contemporary folklore dance, traditional music, singing, crafts and handicrafts, and other traditions.

When you feel that you are in harmony with the music, steps and sequences this may give a magic feeling. The magic feeling could also occur when you are playing music, cutting wooden sticks for a rake, sewing parts for a folklore costume or something else. There are a lot of possibilities.

Dancing is the main activity in our associated groups, you dance together as a couple or in a larger group for example eight couples together in one line-up.

The music is very important for the dance. Many of the dances are intended for a special music. Old fiddlers tunes from many different villages, or music written for a dance with a determined choreography.

The traditional costume is also one of our important matters, to use, to keep, to learn about and to teach how to sew a costume of your own.

Traditional games with song and music, are nowadays especially used at Christmas and Midsummer feasts. Anyone can join in the games. It doesn’t matter if you are expert or beginner, old or young.

If you would like to know more about Svenska Folkdansringen, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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